Rasti viešbučius Casino Terrou-Bi, Dakaras

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    Clean and spacious hotel with very good food in the restaurant.

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    The bed is comfortable, and I also bi variantai the breakfast as well Okey The place bi variantai the staff availability Food is very nice Nanga Dramblio Kaulo Krantas Very good hotel on the corniche with a private beach, excellent breakfast with a large choice of food and very friendly and helpful staff, highly recommended for a business stay and probably for a short bi variantai David Jungtiniai Arabų Emyratai The hotel is so properly situated.

    Colors to bi variantai market and has a lot of activities.

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    The staff are extremely receptive and willing to help you make changes without quarrel. Food is tasty and the hotel is quite serene.

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    Welma Liberija The cleanliness was unremarkable. Rooms and surroundings was spotless.

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    Staff friendly and on most part helpful. Tastefully decorated and comfortable room.

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    bi variantai Atherese Norvegija I had multiple stays as a business traveler at this hotel and I keep coming back. Wifi has improved, staff is still very friendly, the beach area is always clean and the restaurants renewed their menus; I'll come back again.

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    It was perfect and will definitely come back.