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Ravel: La valse, M.72

Things that impressed me: a. Welcome treats in the kitchen and fridge in the room.

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Because I got there at midnight with no food and water, those treats help me get through the night. Bostono variantas instructions on the stickers on the wall help you operate facilities. The owner provides a bunch of suggestions in the binder help you get familiar with transportations around the bostono variantas.

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The thing I found most useful is Charlie card, bostono variantas is used for taking buses and subways. And I still got some balance in the card when I first used it. I also left 6 dollars there for the next guest.

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The place is clean, neat bostono variantas fragrant. The owner provides a bostono variantas of stuff including brand new razor, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand oil In conclusion, I feel lucky that I booked this place for my Boston trip.

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It gives me bostono variantas one of the two best experiences in Boston. Another is the sea foods in Boston btw.

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The owner is a kind and humorous person to chat with, who are willing to help you with the problem. If you got bostono variantas, just ask for help.

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