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Nemokamas belaidis internetas 5,5 Great place to stay!

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We stayed for 6 nights and had a great kas yra condor variantai. The double room was kas yra condor variantai comfy and cosy with a nice bed and a great warm shower.

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Staff very friendly and welcoming. The kitchen was excellent to use and very, very clean.

Kaliforninis kondoras

Great location off the main street - close to everything in a quiet spot and very close to the bus terminal. Highly recommended. Kathryn decor and photos in main rooms are great good value laundry. Monica Didžioji Britanija Was one of my favorite stays from an entire month in the area. Great location, facilities and cool vibe!

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Diana Vokietija The common area is really nice. Staff are also very nice and helpful.

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They also have laundry service! Nattakritta Didžioji Britanija Excellent staff and facilities. Located near enough to the bus station and far enough from the centre of town.

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Bladerower Didžioji Britanija Friendly staff and nice hostel. The beds were comfortable and the breakfast was nice, although it was simple.

Mateus Brazilija Rooms were superb, great size and very good beds. Common area was very nice and staff were very helpful.

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Good location in town. Would recommend!

kas yra condor variantai

Kas yra condor variantai Kanada Very close to the bus station and a short walk to everything else including the hiking trails. Staff give you lots of information when you check-in.

Ajasonwilliams Didžioji Britanija The staff was really friendly and helpful with everything.

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The bed was comfortable and the shower was good. Good enough breakfast and kitchen has everything you need.

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Very short walk from the bus station and close to a lot of restaurants and bars. Thorgeir Islandija The location was great.

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Our private room and bathroom were decent size and clean. You have a living room and dining area where you can sit during the day and hangout.

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Overall decent choice for a hostel.